Academics Overview

Seoul Scholars International offers students a wide range of academic courses that will provide the appropriate development of student’s talents. The curriculum and the instructions of experienced staff at SSI will enable graduates for success at the best colleges and universities in the world. Students will be prepared to be a valuable member of not only university they may attend, but also the society at large. Students additionally learn independence and responsibility from a productive environment at SSI.

The SSI program is ambitious, as individual course covers its respective material in thorough and meticulously. Our curriculum consists of advanced and challenging material at every level, including AP and SAT2 levels, including mathematics, economics, sciences, English, and history. In these courses, students gain a preparation that will allow them to begin work in college already at an advanced level. A defining feature of instruction at the SSI is the close interaction each student has with teachers who have the passion and expertise.

Our curriculum also offers exceptional depth and focus, giving students both a solid grounding in the fundamentals and the flexibility to pursue electives. The core curriculum includes challenging courses in the cornerstone subject areas: social sciences, mathematics, science, literature, as well as preparing for universities. At SSI, students and their teachers work in collaboration investigating new and old questions in and out of classrooms and laboratories as well as in the field. Through the SSI’s rigorous academic standards, we encourage our students to attain the highest level of scholarship and intellectual growth and development.

Challenged by our excellent faculty, SSI students prepare intensively toward success in university, and the instructions students receive at SSI will last them throughout their academic careers and carry them into their adulthood. Students will take with them all fundamental foundation needed to succeed in their journey into the future.

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