College Visits: Find Your Perfect Match

With winter break soon approaching, it’s time for seniors to finish up their college applications and for juniors to begin deciding where they will apply next year. To assist students with finding their perfect match, SSI invited nine universities to campus this fall semester. Students met with representatives from popular universities, such as Boston University and the University of Minnesota, as well as from top universities, such as Rice University, which is home to several SSI alumni. Also, due to rising interest outside of the United States, SSI hosted top Canadian university, University of British Columbia, and Swiss hotel school, Les Roches School of Hotel Management. The full list of universities is as follows:


1. Rice University

2. Boston University

3. Baylor’s University

4. University of Minnesota

5. Miami University

6. University of Vermont

7. University of Oregon

8. University of British Columbia(Canada)

9. Les Roches School of Hotel Management(Switzerland)


Students benefit from attending college visits for many reasons from having an opportunity to introduce themselves to admissions officers to learning valuable information about the respective university’s admissions process. For example, here are some interesting facts students learned this semester.


  • University of British Columbia does not have a foreign language requirement
  • You can work up to 3 years in Canada if you attended a Canadian University
  • Boston University allows students to apply even if their TOEFL score is below the minimum requirement. Student may be accepted on a conditional basis.
  • Boston University hates seeing “Boston” or “the Red Sox” on the “Why do you want to attend Boston University?” essay.
  • Rice University does not require TOEFL for students who have studied at an American curriculum school for 2+year
  • Students who attend Les Roches do 2 semester-long internships and graduate in 3.5 years.


While college meetings can be intimidating, SSI students impressed college representatives with their questions. Each meeting, students asked at least ten questions, ranging from application requirements to student life. The Rice University information session was conducted via Skype and students took turns in front of the computer monitor, some even bringing a paper list. The representative emailed the counselor afterwards, writing, “it was a pleasure chatting with you and your students – their questions were very thoughtful.” The Boston University representative also complimented SSI students saying “It was truly a pleasure visiting SSI today. The students who were able to come seemed extraordinary, and I very much look forward to reading the applications from SSI shortly. I look forward to visiting next year, if possible!” Based on their experience, college representatives begin to develop an image and reputation of a student body and we are happy to report that college representatives view SSI students as inquisitive and thoughtful.

SSI will continue to invite universities in the spring and, to prepare, we encourage students to visit the university’s website and check out the following resources.



Students are welcome to speak with the counselor if they have any questions about the above universities and should let their counselor know if there is a university they are particularly hoping to see at SSI.

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