SSI Spring Field Day

On March 24th, SSI (Seoul Scholars International) students had a special time outside their classrooms. The field day was held in Jamsil Sports Complex. By doing various team games, they had a time to learn how to cooperate and help one another.

There were four teams and each of them was designated different colored jerseys. Wearing such jerseys promoted a sensation of unity in the team while playing the games. After all students finished warming up, they gathered in teams and made cheering tools. It was a stick-shaped balloon, which could be easily made by blowing up. After that, we had a cheering match. All four groups had their own creative cheering songs.

Afterwards, we also played a rock-paper-scissors relay game. Its rule was simple. students would run to the teacher who would be standing behind a cone and rock-paper-scissors with the teacher. If the student lost, they would have to run back to where they started and continue to play the game with the teacher until they would win. We also did team jump-ropes. It was hard to jump at the same time with the friends, but we learned how to collaborate with other students by doing jump-rope.

The next game was couple dodgeball. A boy and a girl became one team. Boys took the offensive side while also holding the responsibility of protecting the girls. This game allowed for the students to create new bonds between genders. After the dodgeball, there was a short break and lunchtime. For lunch, sandwich and Kimbap were served. This served as another opportunity for the students to converse and get to know each other. The field day gave the students great opportunities to socialize.

We did three more team games after the lunch. After finishing all the games, the winning team was announced: team C. Each team C members got 10,000 won gift voucher. Before the dismissal, we drew lots for the gifts. There were diversity of prizes such as a portable battery, a suitcase, body lotion, a bluetooth speaker, and an electric scooter.

One of the special things about the field day was that the teachers took charge of each team. It provided a chance for students and teachers to become closer. It gave students opportunities to see different aspects of teachers outside the classroom. Not only were the students excited to play games and exercise, but the teachers also showed great enthusiasm as well.


Group picture after finishing the field day

Here are some comments of students about the field day:

Eunice Ro (11th grade): “To me sports day was a fresh departure. I did not have to listen to the sounds of flipping textbooks and scribbling with pencils. Conversation between the teachers and the students were no longer academic. Instead, there were full of enthusiastic and competitive spirit bursting out, which enlightened me.”

Esther Kim (11th grade): “I hope that the place was warmer. It was too cold. But overall, it was a great opportunity to make many new friends, since I was a new student. I felt connected with my team. I would like to participate on the sports day next year!”

Sophie Yang (9th grade): “Field day was a great time to be familiar with friends. I came into this school in the middle of the quarter, but by today’s event I got to talk to new people. Lots of group activities and teamworks made me totally enthusiastic.”

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