SSI Spring Field Day

On March 24th, SSI (Seoul Scholars International) students had a special time outside their classrooms. The field day was held in Jamsil Sports Complex. By...   Read More

2017 SSI Art School Week

From February 6th till February 8th, SSI conducted three Skype meetings with prestigious art schools in the United States. The schedule was as follows: February...   Read More

Bringing Warmth to the Season Winter Holiday Concert!

The previously announced “2016 Winter Holiday Concert” was held on Tuesday, November 29. A good time was had by all thanks to the efforts of...   Read More

College Visits: Find Your Perfect Match

With winter break soon approaching, it’s time for seniors to finish up their college applications and for juniors to begin deciding where they will apply...   Read More

Halloween Behind the Scenes

  There was so much to prepare for the Halloween party. Making posters, tickets, schedules, budgets, activities and everything else had to be done by...   Read More

Worthy Programs At SSI

  The chaos began on August 29th; everyone was yelling and shouting, trying to attract people. At 3pm, the club leaders went to the cafeteria...   Read More

SSI Field Trip to Japan

  On August 22nd, SSI students and faculty went on a trip to Yeong-Jong-Do and Fukuoka, Japan for 5 days. The purpose of this trip...   Read More

A Day Like No Other for Seniors

Graduation happens only a few times in a person’s life. It is a singular event that marks the transition from student to adult. At SSI...   Read More

Fundraising for Ecuador

Members of SSI’s student council put their concern for earthquake-stricken Ecuadorians to good use through a special fundraising event. Between classes the students sold snacks...   Read More

Accelerated Reader Program (AR) available to students at SSI

Accelerated Reader (AR) program that had been implemented at SSI is a program our students have been a part of for a few years now...   Read More

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