Student Counseling


SSI Counseling Service
SSI Academic Advisors play a central role in supporting and individualizing the educational experiences of SSI students. Advisors work with students immediately upon admission to determine an appropriate a plan program of study. They continue to monitor students’ progress and support achieving academic success. Our advisors are ready to offer their expertise to assist students achieve their academic objectives.
The Counseling Department provides students with a broad range of services designed to ensure that their academic, emotional, and social developmental needs are met. All students have a counselor dedicated to their personal success. When students are struggling, we work with students, parents, instructors, and academic advisors to develop and implement individual student academic and behavior plans. Among the support services we provide are:

bullet  One-on-one, short-term, confidential counseling
bullet  Regular student check-ins on course workload using a fading scaffold support approach
bullet  Consultation with parents, instructors, and other educators
bullet  Development of Student Improvement Plans
bullet Intervention and advocacy at a systemic level
bullet Referral to in-house peer-supported programs such as tutoring
bullet Referrals to outside support services, or community resources

We also collaborate with the academic advisors to design educational resources for students, including enrichment courses, workshops and mini-lessons on topics such as time management, organization and study skills. Our comprehensive counseling program promotes the success and well-being of all SSI students.

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