College Counseling


College Counselors
The College Counselors, acts as a resource for families at every stage of the college application process. The goal of the College Counseling Office is to work closely with students and encourage them to discover their interests, explore possibilities, and take ownership of their college application process. Ultimately, we seek to support students in their effort to identify and enroll in the college that is the best fit for them.

The college counseling services available to each student vary depending on his/her enrollment status. All SSI students are provided access to college counseling presentations and workshops, and are encouraged to use the office as a resource throughout the college search, application, and selection process. The College Counseling Office also offers a college counseling course in the spring for SSI diploma candidates which covers key aspects of the application process and prepares students for work on their college applications.

For diploma candidates, the College Counseling Office acts as the main point of contact between the students and their prospective colleges. Diploma candidates are provided access to Naviance, a college application management program. All official school documents, including school reports, letters of recommendation, and transcripts are sent to colleges through Naviance by the College Counseling Office.

SSI students attend diverse and reputable institutions both in the United States and abroad, ranging from small private liberal arts colleges to large public universities. They have been successful in the college application process, and the College Counseling Office seeks to support them in this endeavor.

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